Difference between ATL, BTL, & TTL, and how they work to elevate the reputation of a brand?

Difference between ATL, BTL, & TTL, and how they work to elevate the reputation of a brand?

Digital marketing agencies in Delhi perform their marketing tasks according to three segments – Above the Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL), and Through the Line (TTL). The line is used to separate all the marketing activities. The increased competition and development in technology introduced the existence of Through the Line marketing activities.

All ATL, BTL, and TTL can be categorized on the basis of marketing motives, targeted audience, and the budget received by a marketer.

Let’s understand the elaborated meaning of ATL, BTL, and TTL:


Above the Line includes all those promotional activities, which are done at Macro level to reach out to the regional and national audience. This type of promotion has the potential to cover the mass audience. Through this, a brand image is created about the company and its product. It uses the media part – television, cinema, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

Benefits of ATL:

Reaches to a large number of people

They create a good image of a brand

They better connect with audiences through jingles and visual-effects on TV


Alike ATL, BTL doesn’t use media communication and performs promotional activities at the micro-level. Promotional activities like distribution of flyers, brochures, email marketing, textual ads, and telemarketing are the part of BTL.

Introduced in the year 1954 at Proctor & Gamble, ATL is used for branding effect and to promote its product, whereas BTL is used to boost the existing sale of a product. All digital marketing agencies, whether they are in Delhi/NCR or any corner of the world - focus on both ATL & BTL to boost the image and product of a brand.

Benefits of BTL:

They are easy to be crafted

They can be easily tracked

Highly targeted as they focus on a fixed segment of customers

A brand or Digital marketing agency gets better ROI


Also referred to as Through the Line promotion, TTL advertising or marketing uses both ATL & BTL marketing strategies. The current marketing requirements need both ATL & BTL strategies to be used for the best output.

In some of the circumstances, Above the line strategies are used to launch direct marketing, which also comes under TTL.

Here is how TTL works, in the form of a few examples:

Digital Marketing of a brand or a product

An ad on TV would be the perfect example of TTL, which can feature the image of the brand or promotion of a product. It also acts as ATL advertising when a TV ad targets a fixed audience. For example, a medical equipment company is selling adult diapers, which is eventually targeting a fixed segment of the audience with a single product. This type of advertising comes under TTL & ATL.

360 Degree Marketing

This marketing strategy involves both the segments – BTL & ATL to market the name of the brand and product for maximum benefits. This type of marketing or advertisement offers better results and ROI.

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