How Google’s new “January 2020 Core Update” is going to play with Keywords?

How Google’s new “January 2020 Core Update” is going to play with Keywords?

Finally, Google has confirmed its official algorithm update on the January 13 of 2020, which is titled, “January 2020 Core Update”.

BERT was the last biggest update that was confirmed by Google on 24th October 2019.

All search results started impacting with the immediate effect of this latest Google algorithm update in 2020. It’s not a targeted update like one of that to improve webmasters with a “speed update”.

Google instructions and guidance remain the same to improve the rank of websites. They are very similar to the previous one. A good Blog Post is still on the number one of the list of Google to rank a website on its popular platform.

With this new update, Google says, “The list will change, and the films or any other websites that were ranking higher previously on the first page may move down with this udpdate."

The recent update may scramble the results with so many keywords as the update offers very well filtered results. With this update, you will find all the results better and very accurate as per the keywords put in the search box.

If you find your website down in comparison to the other websites this time, then you have to watch what made them better in term of ranking better. It may be a little heart-breaking but you have to understand and accept the new behaviour of Google.

Now all Digital Marketing or Media Agencies have to work and update on the understanding of Google’s new algorithm in order to maintain the ranking of their client websites. However, this update does not fulfil the same purpose as one was delivered on 24th October 2019, which was about understanding the search queries.

Features of the January 2020 Core Update

Though nothing is particularly clear about the features of this update, Google and experts said that the results may be different as compare to previous keyword searches.

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