How Hindi has surpassed other languages for being used as Assistant language on Google

How Hindi has surpassed other languages for being used as Assistant language on Google

Hindi has become the second most-preferred language by the people for its Google assistant searches. Leaving all languages behind, except English, Hindi has scored top in the list of tech giant – Google. All media planning agencies on the Internet are now focusing on Hindi keywords for Google ranking.

Google, the tech giant has already started working, almost two years ago, to support Indic languages across its product range – Google Lens, Search, and other platforms. The most important announcement was made by Google is that it will soon make Google Assistant working in Hindi for all Android TVs.

Google Vice President and Product Management, Manuel Bronstein said, "Since introducing the Assistant in India nearly two years ago, we've introduced Hindi and 8 additional Indic languages...We're thrilled to share that Hindi has become the second most used Assistant language globally after English across many types of devices in India...coming soon, the Assistant will also be available in Hindi on all Android TVs"

Digital marketing agencies across the world have started targeting Hindi audiences to rank their client websites and businesses on Google.

According to a report generated last year, Google voice-based assistant had received around 0.45 million proposals for marriage in India.

Right now, Google assistant is competing with other voice-assistants – Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa in the market. Google has confirmed that its voice-assistant service is available in over 30 languages across 80 countries.

Answering to Google, Amazon Alexa has also launched its Hindi-based voice-assistant for the tasks like – Checking cricket scores, requesting for music, and how she’s doing.

A news feed app that was also launched last year, will soon start supporting Oriya, Urdu, and Punjabi. Google Lens, which facilitates people to gather information by pointing camera on objects, will now support Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi.

One more revolutionary product from Google – Bolo app is a speech-based setup that helps children how to read, will soon start supporting Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Its Bolo app has already helped more than 8,00,000 Indian children read stories.

Now, Google is aiming at working with partners like Saajha, the Kaivalya Education Foundation, and Pratham Education Foundation to empower the youngsters of India.

It is predicted and pretty much assured that soon the Google voice assistant and other voice assistants like Alexa and Siri will bring the most of your life on your voice commands. Hence, every other Digital marketing agency in the market is looking forward to it.

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