Media Planning and Media Buying: Which one is to consider first

Media Planning and Media Buying: Which one is to consider first

Media Planning

Media Planning is considered the first step towards developing an effective media campaign. It helps in making strategies to develop successful ad campaigns for targeting the desired audience. Media planning is about spreading the intended message to advertise a product or service of a company.

A media planning agency starts its process by understanding the current trends and evaluating the media associated with the concerned industry. Understanding the current trends means tracking the direction to the platforms where possible customers approaching.

Media Buying is considered an essential part of marketing, which is also called paid media, meant to ask space and time slot so that ads can be viewed by a maximum number of the targeted audience. A media buying agency can find media space in newspapers, magazines & other print mediums, and television to run ads for client firms.

Media buying also helps in promoting online banner ads. To get the attraction of a maximum number of audiences, it is more important to find a perfect time slot to run an ad than playing it for a long duration. It is also the job of media buyers to find the best distribution channels for an ad campaign and negotiate with them for the best prices to benefit the clients. These media planning agencies should understand the demands and needs of specific ad campaigns to proceed with the best media channels and sources.

Media Planning Vs Media Buying

To ensure the best effect of a media campaign, it is really important to use both the media ways; Media Planning and Media Buying in an effective way. So many companies prefer one over the other, thereby not able to get the best results. Media buying is nothing without applying an effective plan to it. It would never be called a good idea to jump to the media buying directly before drafting an effective plan.

Same way, one should also understand that only media planning cannot be effective without adopting appropriate media buying.

Media agencies like IAM Communication always work on an effective plan before running ads on different media platforms. The leading advertising agency, IAM discusses the complete plan with the client first before applying it to run media campaigns.

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