Shift in Digital Advertising Industry- Awareness to Sales

Shift in Digital Advertising Industry- Awareness to Sales

A) What Makes us say that?

You would agree with the statement that any existing or upcoming brand into the market wants to maximise the revenue in less time. In short, they are more focused towards sales and less towards the branding, awareness and brand building.

B) Previous approach v/s new approach

 Previously/Initially brand used to move step by step

  1. Setting up the brand
  2. Spreading awareness about the brand
  3. Building Brand values
  4. and then they used to look for sales/conversion

 Currently most of the brands want to move to sale directly and they follow the approach

  1. Setting up the brand
  2. Sometimes, they start looking for conversion along with the awareness and sometimes with even no awareness they look for sales.

Brand building has no more weightage as it used to earlier.

C) Need of the hour:-

Being a marketer, you should go with the flow and you should follow all the tactics and strategies which can deliver results to your brand/client.

Though sales generation is not a easy task, but yes it is not too difficult that any online marketer can’t generate the sale.

D) Practices to Follow:-

Though we marketers have plenty of portals to sell or to advertise any product/brand but there are few which are very useful when we talk about Sales Generation. Here is a list of few to look at:-

  1. AMAZON MARKETING SERVICES- Since 2018, Amazon has taken an unbelievable route towards customer acquisition. Starting from trust & credibility to offers & discounts, Amazon has built its space.

How and what to use under Amazon Marketing Services, Scroll Down.

2.  GOOGLE SEARCH & DISPLAY- Though anyone and everyone can run ads on Google whether it’s     

     Search Network or Display but there are few tactics you should use while running the ads.   
     Scroll Down to know more.

3. FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM CONVERSION ADS - Many of us think that FB and Insta is out of  
    the market and one should not rely on any of these, while it is true that still a huge amount of  
    audience is there on both the platforms and you can use them wisely if you want to. 

4. INFLUENCER MAREKTING- Convincing plays a major role in acquiring a customer and convincing can be done from a person who holds some value in the market. Instagram, Youtube,  
   Tik-tok are few platforms where you can easily find people who can convince the customers to
   buy your product.

There can be few more in the coming time, for now if you opt these at the moment, you can reach out to potential customers to sell out the products/brand you want to.

E) Knowing more about the portals:-

Knowing all the above listed platforms in detail is quite necessary to use them efficiently.

Let’s start with the first one.

  1. AMAZON MARKETING SERVICES- The top most and the only platform with the maximum efficiency which can drive sales at a cheaper and unbelievable ACOS (Average cost of sale).

Let’s see how it works:-

AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) enables you to show your advertisements to the people who are presented on Amazon’s official site.

It give you two options to showcase (i) Your Products or (ii) Your Brand

Under the first option, you choose some specific products to display at with specific placements and under the second option, you choose to display 3 products at one time with a brand logo at specific placements.

2. GOOGLE SEARCH & DISPLAY- The another yet effective platform. Trusted by Masses and delivering high results to any and every kind of industry.

Google gives access to advertisers to advertise on two networks such as (i) Search Network (ii) Display Network

Under Search Network, apart form regular text ads, PLA ( Product listing ads) and Lead forms are something which are performing extremely good for the advertisers at the moment.

Note:- Funnel Remarketing is the most important thing when you are trying to sell something. Be focused on it and use it efficiently if you want to get high results.

Tip- The more you leave it on Google, the more results you get.

3. FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM CONVERSION ADS- Though it completely depends upon the TG (Target Group) the audience for the brand that where the audience is available and accordingly we plan to target them but if it is about B2C and specifically about E-commerce industry, then Facebook & Instagram are not behind in giving you the best possible sales.

FB & Insta allow you to run several types of ads such as (i) Traffic Ad (ii) Conversion Ad (iii) Lead form AD.

Note:- Funnel Remarketing is the most important thing when you are trying to sell something. Be focused on it and use it efficiently if you want to get high results.

Tip- The more you optimise the more you get.

4. INFLUENCER MARKETING- Being into the advertising industry we have always heard that ‘Word of Mouth is the best marketing type’ and here comes the case where you can apply it.

Influencer is a person(s) who holds the power to convince maximum people with his/her words.

If someone is speaking anything about the brand with a huge followership, doesn’t matter good or bad, it is surely going to effect your brand.
Just Imagine the good case, if someone having 1 Billion of followers saying that if you looking for this go to this brand because I personally have used it and it is really really good.

Influencer Marketing works with Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok nowadays.

We all are working in an industry where every other day changes take place. These platforms can go up and down also can be replaced with the newer or may be by others.

But till the time it happens, these are the few which can extract the high results for any brand/product within the less time and money.

Note:- ACOS (Average cost on sales) can go upto 3%, you just have to use them in an efficient manner.


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