Stay at Top with Important SEO tips of 2019

Stay at Top with Important SEO tips of 2019

There are so many SEO tips that have been introduced from the year 2018 till the present date. Here, the information shared is all about new SEO tips and tricks introduced to make your website number one in 2019.

For those who are new to the world of SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a tool that is responsible to validate your website on Google with the help of keywords.

There was a misconception a few days back that Google is going to kill SEO soon. You should know that Google is not going to do that as it was only about to update some changes in algorithms. Updates in Algorithms from Google assured the best accurate search results. These changes were not meant to kill SEO.

Here are the best SEO tips of 2019:

Quality Content is Hero as per the SEO

Whenever you put the keyword in the search box, Google crawler starts looking for websites, blogs, webpages and then start listing those websites in the SERP. The website that has the best information and content with the best use of keywords surely ranks first on Google page. You must remember that contents should be developed for readers, not for the crawlers. The good you deliver, the better you rewarded.

Easy-to-understand UI/UX Design

Develop a design that attracts users with both graphics and contents. You must know that Google Analytics uses various metrics to evaluate the quality of a website. UI/UX is one of those important factors. A well-developed website attracts users and helps to improve the bounce rate. Users do not get engage with messy or well-separated content on a website. It is popularly said that the better the interface, the better the reaction from users.

Indexing your website for Mobile Version

People are using smartphones for browsing more in comparison to computers. Even Google has confirmed that it is getting more search traffic from mobile devices against laptop or desktop devices. Google has already said that they are going to give first preference to Mobile Indexing instead of computers. So it is highly recommended to the business owners to give preference to the mobile optimization for their websites.

Voice Search Optimisation in Trend

Voice Search has become the easiest way to search for content on Google. Apart from Google, devices like SiriAlexa, and Cortona are also changing the way we are searching for things on the Internet and personal devices. Get ready to welcome voice search enhancements in the future. Use long-tailed keywords instead of short ones as they leave a better impact on voice searches. Make a proper list of a ‘sentence like keywords’ related to your website matter.

Adopt SSL Security to improve Authority

Google values more to SSL enabled websites in comparison to those who are unsecured on the Internet. For those who don’t know about SSL; it is a precautionary measure taken against unwanted threats for your website. Also, you should try to improve your website Domain Authority because it makes a positive impact on Google while searching and ranking.

Keep your hands-on to the new ways and SEO tips to make your website a king of all Google Searches.

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