Top 10 ways to boost your digital presence (2020) in India

Top 10 ways to boost your digital presence (2020) in India

We all know how important it is to have a good website. It is one of the main ways to boost your digital presence. The companies using the latest technology and doing SEO optimization perform better in attracting more clients. For achieving this, experts like IAM Creative are required who have a thorough knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Adwords marketing and can revamp the websites of their clientele.

Switch to the latest

Outdated technology will take you nowhere. The need of the hour is to adhere to modern ways of website building like WordPress, Drupal etc. and not the old HTML website.
Choose the CMS system as per your requirement

CMS lets you manage your website on your own without any technical support. WordPress, on the other hand, not only is easy to comprehend but also provides us with several visual options.
Have a Google Analytics account
Google Analytics is a must-have. With it you remain updated regarding the number of visitors on your website and the pages that they are surfing.
Need for a Google Keyword Planner account

Similar to Google Analytics, having a Google Keyword Planner account also lets you know how many searches you are receiving for your keywords every month.

Use strategies to attract more traffic to your website

There is always a heavy competition to make people reach our website. At this time strategies and methods like putting links that can direct our prospective clients to our website plays a major role in establishing a strong digital presence.

Having good and meaningful content
Content is powerful only when it is meaningful. That only can hold visitors. Boring, irrelevant or repetitive content will push away your visitors.

Research and design your project accordingly
Rely on the tool like Google Analytics to know customer behaviour and insight. Design your website using this research to get more traffic.

Tap the benefit of search engine optimization

If visitors are unable to find your content then all your efforts go in vain. Thus, search engine optimization (SEO) is highly recommended so that people can find or search your content.

Get the basics right for SEO

A good SEO strategy can be devised only when your basics for SEO are correct. This means the search terms should be around 4 to 6 times in the body. It must be in the title and the URL and of more than 200 words in the body.

Using visuals and videos properly
Visually appealing web designs automatically attract more visitors. Use creatively made videos and visuals that will make your website stand out from the rest.