Top Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019 in India

Top Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019 in India

After an interesting introduction of AI to the world of technology in 2018, the year 2019 has come to introduce new social media marketing techniques. Social Media Marketing is a rapidly growing platform adopted by all big house entrepreneurs and small business owners.  After revolutionizing the technical world by AI technology, new social media marketing is setting new trends to help grow so many businesses in the year 2019.

Here are some aggressive and result-giving Social Media Marketing Trends going to rock the year 2019:

Social Media Marketing Trends

Instagram is a new Channel

Instagram stories are becoming so much popular day by day. Everybody, from the age of 15-35 is using Instagram these days. People are so aggressively active that Instagram has gathered 700 million users in less than 7 years. The world has become obsessed with taking selfies & shots and not going to stop uploading pictures on social media. And the storm was not stuck only on Instagram, Snapchat also got the attention of social media lovers.

Don’t leave Influencers

We all know that Influencer marketing is the most trustworthy and it is suggested not to drop your favourite influencers. Initially, there were doubts to hang on with Influencer marketing but all cleared after the leading companies like Rolex and Apple were successfully advertised by them.

There are so many companies and organizations that believed in Social Media Influencer Marketing and connected with new audiences and visitors.

Influencer marketing Trends 2019

Influencer marketing Trends 2019

Introduce with live streaming

Live streaming on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has become the favourite of so many small and big brands. They found it highly beneficial to promote their products, services, and ideas.

“Facebook Spaces” is coming to own everything

Things like photo updates, video updates, or live streaming are going to be old-fashioned as new technology Facebook Spaces is coming to kick them all out of the competition. It’s a design that will allow all connected users to see each other in VR mode. Also, the company has purchased Oculus, a VR hardware and software company to implement the idea of making it real. If their dreams come true, it will be the biggest social media game-changer of all the time.

It’s good to go Video with most of your things

Have you ever noticed that you always prefer watching vlogs, when it comes to knowing the configuration details of your favourite smartphone? It is very simple because it is easy to understand, highly expressive, informative, and most importantly that it is interesting. So anything you want to know about, videos are the most interesting and easiest way to understand. So the video social media marketing is continued without losing its flow in the year 2019 too.

These were the top social media marketing trends you cannot leave behind in the year 2019. Some of them like video blogging and live streaming have become the soul of social media marketing these days.

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