Which is better for your business - static or dynamic web design?

Which is better for your business - static or dynamic web design?

There has been an ongoing debate for quite some time regarding which type of web design is a better option for a business, the static one or the one that is dynamic. Even though your site visitors will not be able to spot the difference but you, nevertheless need to make a decision. But you would only be able to make a choice if you know the difference between the two.

So, as the name states, static websites hardly change unless you are manually updating them. They are one-for-one representations of the HTML file with similar features like sidebars, headers and footers except for the body content. That is the only thing that varies. This means that if you intend to make changes to your website, you will have to update each and every section of every page. Static websites were quite popular in the past.

Dynamic websites, on the other hand, work through a completely different mechanism. They generate pages through web technologies, not restricted to PHP and MySQL only. To make changes, all you need to do is just update the backend of the website. These changes will automatically reflect across the website wherever the dynamic code is found. Creating dynamic business websites is the current trend that is catching up fast among businesses and brands.

IAM Creative Communication is one of the best business website development agencies when it comes to designing static as well as dynamic website. So far, IAM Creative has developed more than 100 websites for their clients. We offer you the much-needed guidance about which website designing you must opt for. If your business is in the nascent stage and has a limited budget then you can opt for static web design as it has lower development and hosting cost owing to its simpler development. Also, since there are fewer files, it leads to a quick load time with the consistency of getting what you see.

But, updating a static website is a tiresome process that involves altering each and every page which might give rise to frequent additional costs. Moreover, a feature like e-Commerce may not integrate well with a static website.  So, the crux is that if you prefer a simple web presence supported by your social media reach, you can very well go ahead with a static website.  But if you want your business to be invested in its online presence at a higher price then a dynamic website should be your answer.  A dynamic website can be easily handled by even non-tech savvy people but the presence of too many updates and features increases the complexity and adds the weight to the page thereby hampering the site’s speed.  

The role of an expert web design agency is to direct you to make the right choice that suits your needs and requirements without exceeding your budget. 

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