Why do long-tailed keywords need to be focused when it comes to SEO ranking?

Why do long-tailed keywords need to be focused when it comes to SEO ranking?

One of the greatest SEO tactics includes; use of long-tailed keywords. The long tail keywords are more specific and meaningful than short length keywords. Though they get lesser search traffic, they have a higher conversion value than the short length keywords. They make you more visible to the new and intellectual audiences on the internet. Putting long tail keywords in blog contents has now become one of the most important things to consider for digital marketing agencies in India.

To elevate the performance of a website by using long tail keyword strategy, the vision and motto of your product, website, or company should be clear.

Let’s know the meaning of long tail keywords and tell you how they help you rank your website better on Google:

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords express better meaning and they are less common than other short length keywords. They are minimum 3-4 word keyword phrases, which are very specific and point-to-point most of the time. The top 10000 keywords stick to the percentage less than 20 % of overall search traffic, whereas, long tail keywords capture 70 % of the total search with highly specific 4-6 word phrases.

Long tail keywords need to be focused because:

Big brands make their sale using long tail keywords

Do you know that brands like Amazon get 57 per cent of its business from and with the help of long tail keywords? And now, the top digital and media agencies in Delhi NCR are also targeting the long tail keywords for better ranking of a website.

They bring you a niche audience

The most popular keywords never bring business as the long-tail keywords do because they are more accurate and specific to the product or service offered by a brand. You get the niche audience with the help of long tail keywords because they are more specific and takes the potential customer directly to your website.

They help you to specify your mission

With one or two words, you cannot specify the thing you want to let your customer know. For example, ‘Buy diaper’ cannot be specific if you are selling adult diapers on your website. But, using “buy adult diaper with the best absorbency” makes you highly specific and brings the quality and conversion giving audience to your website.

They make you better in competition with other brands

Using long tail keywords invite the good quality audience, which gives a kind of surety for giving a business or purchasing a product from your website. And good viewers make you good enough to compete with other brands in the market.

You get awesome content for your blog and website

Putting the long tail keyword in content helps you to develop a good and user engaging blog for your website. Not only with the SEO perspective, but it also helps with defining the motto of your business and website.

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